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A lush forest appeal to those who love being close to nature; while its titillating traditional Indochinese cuisine have won many industry accolades.
Enjoy unique holiday and dining experiences in Southeast Asia, delivered through our signature SAMADHI Experience.
Translated from Sanskrit, ‘SAMADHI’ is the highest stage in meditation, the moment when a state of mind is achieved and one experiences a fusion with the divine universe. Our wish is to deliver a transcendent experience where stresses and anxieties of daily life are surrendered at the door and our guests transition to an intensely relaxed state of mind, in what we call ‘The SAMADHI Experience’.
Our luxury resorts and villas are typically small, the antithesis of large chains, where the SAMADHI Experience can be enjoyed in an intensely personal way. We find ourselves in special and unexpected locations, whether far-flung or in the heart of the city, we carve our own special oasis of calm.
Each of our properties, be it a beach resort or a restaurant hidden in the jungle, is unique in itself and true to its sense of place. Our philosophy is also deeply rooted in our respect of our immediate environment: the history of a building, the nature around or its people.
Luxury to us does not merely mean creature comforts, thoughtful service, elegant details and beautiful destinations, but also the luxury of space, time and the freedom to truly immerse in one’s sense of being.
Regardless of trends, our belief is to share what we ourselves enjoy, with like-minded people

Nama : Tamarind Springs
Alamat :Jalan 1, Taman Tun Abdul Razak, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Waktu Operasi :
Saturday – Sunday 11:30 am–3:30 pm, 6–11 pm
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Friday 12–3 pm, 6–11 pm

Nombor untuk dihubungi : 03-2716 2737

Sumber daripada FB Page TamarindSprings.KL, Instagram tamarindsprings.kl & Website tamarind-springs


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