Permanent Remote, Work-From-Home Jobs: 20 Companies Hiring


This freedom and flexibility can help employees feel more satisfied on both a professional and personal level. Join today and start your scam-free search for a new remote or hybrid job. Or, take the tour and learn more about the benefits of a FlexJobs membership! Once you’ve found a strong career fit, you can select from hundreds of resume examples created by certified professional resume writers to get the ball rolling on your job applications. These companies are committed to permanent remote work—explore their recent work-from-home jobs and start your search here. Headquartered in Venlo, Netherlands, Vista switched to a remote-first model for its office workers in August 2020.

companies going full remote forever

California’s progressive employment laws and generous state-mandated benefits are often lost when workers move to red states to find cheaper housing and lower taxes. Workers are happier when they have control and certainty over their work schedules, said Angel, and the firm is betting that over time that will help make it both more productive and more profitable. But don’t be too quick to conclude things are going back to the days of 9 to 5 in the old cubicle. Another woman told me about a flatshare slot88 in which the living room had been repurposed as a bedroom, to lower the rent; as a consequence, four people were all working full-time in the kitchen. Untold numbers are perched at worktops, on their beds or, in the case of my friend Jo, an ironing board. Around 34 companies on the overall ranking of 100 companies were newcomers, including Peloton and Zillow.

Enabling employees to make major life changes

GitLab values employee growth and development, offering regular feedback, mentorship programs, and access to professional development resources. The company also invests in its team members’ growth and development through a dedicated Learning & Development team that provides resources and support for employees to learn new skills and grow in their careers. Alex is an experienced public speaker and podcaster, and has been working in the marketing and media industry for most of this century. He held a senior marketing role with Royal Mail, before becoming a marketing consultant. He founded the crowdfunding events business “Crowdfinders” and has recently been Head of Membership for The Marketing Society. In 2013 Alex created “Your Best Man”, a consultancy helping people with all manner of speeches from weddings to business.

  • Hungryroot is your personal grocer, powered by AI and the belief that food deeply impacts your daily life.
  • “The tech conglomerate’s eventual goal is to have 70% of its workforce — about 23,000 people — work remotely for two or three days a week,” wrote CNN’s Kaorji Enjoji.
  • The company states that it has set out to build a lasting culture in a fully remote environment.
  • We are the game developers who created some of the world’s most popular AAA and mobile games, played
    by hundreds of millions of people.

GitLab also prioritizes transparency, with its entire company handbook available publicly, and encourages employees to contribute to its open-source community. Buffer also prioritizes diversity and inclusion, offering employee resource groups and regular training sessions to help promote a safe and inclusive workplace. This sort of arrangement is perfectly acceptable, but working for a company that is truly remote first is an absolute game changer.

Inside the rapidly changing world of employee benefits

We are the leading document technology company in the legal industry. Our products empower users to generate, review, and distribute high-quality content quickly and securely. We use the latest innovative technology to build software to help our clients focus more time on the work that really matters to the people they serve. Emotive is revolutionizing e-commerce SMS marketing with a platform that accelerates the revenue funnel. Our conversational marketing tools help merchants build their SMS opt-in list, create effective acquisition and conversion experiences, grow traffic and sales, and improve engagement and customer lifetime value.

companies going full remote forever

But in December the company told employees it will become primarily remote, meaning there will be no location or regular in-office requirements for most workers. But it will keep its offices, including its headquarters in Menlo Park, California, open to employees. But even for those companies that seem uniquely primed to go fully remote, “that’s not necessarily the culture that every company wants to have”.

What Sort of Jobs do Fully Remote Companies Offer?

Uscreen is a video membership platform empowering creators to grow their revenue. Job benefits include unlimited paid time off, a work-from-home what companies are going remote permanently stipend, and a personal development stipend. Springworks is an HR tool to streamline recruitment, onboarding, and employee engagement.

companies going full remote forever

Their sites consistently stay on Alexa’s list of top websites for the countries they operate in. Job benefits include 28 paid vacation days, quarterly bonuses, and an education allowance. Many of their roles require you to work remotely from certain locations (like India Remote or Europe Remote), but they have tons of openings for globally remote roles too. The sudden shift to include more remote work at companies across the U.S. impacts the current workforce differently than future workers. As companies test new working models, the workforce to come can permanently alter their career path in a way unheard of even five years ago. Rather than focusing on solely remote roles or exclusively in-person positions, new workers can choose both.


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