#MenarikDiKualaLumpur – Bamboo Playhouse, Perdana Botanical Gardens


Located in one of Kuala Lumpur oldest parks – Perdana Botanical Gardens, Bamboo Playhouse is made up of bamboo and is designed by architect Eleena Jamil. Featuring tree-like columns and a floor made up of 31 elevated platforms, this pavilion is surrounded by the beautiful greenery of the botanical garden, overlooking a lake. The Bamboo Playhouse is also used for exhibitions and events. This place is perfect for family bonding sessions and not forgetting your instaworthy pictures! Unleash your inner child at this bamboo playground . Nestled within the Perdana Botanical Gardens, Bamboo Playhouse is made entirely out of bamboo with multiple decks and platforms, boasting tranquility . There’s also a free library nearby the playhouse. Truly an escape from the busy city!

Nama : Bamboo Playhouse, Perdana Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur
Alamat : Perdana Botanical Gardens, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Waktu Operasi : Monday to Sunday, 6am – 8pm
Nombor untuk dihubungi : N/A

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